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The Fat Cat

Mole Hill

About film

Etched in wax from a garage somewhere in Cheshire, this puss knows exactly what it wants and how to get it.


26 Comments for “The Fat Cat”

  1. David Johnston says:

    great animation style! and interesting music

  2. Sara Mullock says:

    Thought-provoking and very nicely done.

  3. Rev.Goatboy says:

    Succinctly summing up our current state of affairs. Nice one Mole

  4. Geoff Hall says:

    I’m sure my bank should use the fat cat as its new logo. Sweet. Well done.

  5. Ed cartledge says:

    Sometimes the best films are the most succinct ones. Nice work Mole!

  6. Lottie Day says:

    Really lovely short Mole – animation is beaufiful!

  7. Cam Fraser says:

    Ace work as usual Mole… five stars!

  8. Miranda Johnstone says:

    Very nice Mole!

  9. Richard Blakey says:

    It’s great. It’s some kind of crazy Consortium of Gentlemen reunion. Jolly good show.

  10. sumo science says:

    Top work you animation ninja!

  11. Tim Dann says:

    Lovely short, beautiful style and made me smile.

  12. James Harris says:

    Brilliant. Bloody cats!

  13. Nice one Mole! I love the style of it.

  14. Chris Tichborne says:

    A Triumph of stop-motion film making!

  15. to the top dog- well done Mole

  16. Maggie Haden says:


  17. judith Johnston says:

    Great film with delightfully menacing undertones, love it! Very sweet little mice too.

  18. Ian Wall says:

    Intelligent, well paced, excellent visual style.

  19. Veronica Rockey says:

    This is brilliant! Nice one Mole. I particularly like the voiceover.

  20. Dirk Larsen says:

    Very good indeed !

  21. Well done to all of the Gentlemen of the Consortium. Glad to see the old team back together again! Lovely work.

  22. Chris Cairns says:

    Awesome stuff Mole. We’ve got to stop feeding them!

  23. Marion Edwards says:

    So, you’ve met my cat then? Gorgeous work Mole!

  24. sk says:

    very funny, gorgeous artwork!

  25. Jo Lane says:

    Love it!

  26. sk says:

    Hi, how did you animate this, what software did you use, it’s fantastic!

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