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Four Years From Now Walking With My Daughter

Liam Owen

About film

A father looks towards the rest of his daughter’s life.


44 Comments for “Four Years From Now Walking With My Daughter”

  1. Joan johnston says:

    A winner! Beautiful.

  2. Jamie Wilson says:

    Beautiful work.

  3. Chris Taylor says:

    Stunning! I particularly enjoyed the counting crows!

  4. Michelle Down says:

    Awww it’s so beautiful…Make my eyes water.

  5. Hana says:

    Just soooo lovely. Beautiful poem and beautifully animated and directed. A deserving winner for sure :) Well done Mr Owen and Mr Ronnie.

  6. Rivka says:

    Beautiful film and poetry, brought a tear to my eye.

  7. Sarah says:

    Lovely perspective!

  8. Rashida Davison says:

    Simply Beautiful.

  9. Linda Bateman says:

    ROCK those films, enjoyed it very.much

  10. Sandria Pickering says:

    Beautiful. A winner, Stevie, just like your daughter!

  11. Terence Pickering says:

    Brilliant – wonder what the next four years will bring!

  12. Jem Robinson says:

    Lovely detailing and pacing.

  13. Orlando Mathias says:

    Charming and real

  14. Kay Leach says:

    Anyone who has a daughter(child)will feel the pull of heartstrings. Beautiful animimation and poem

  15. gillian linton says:

    lump in my throat and a strangely moist eye

  16. George Brown says:

    Lovely work!

  17. Valerie says:

    What a lovely surprise – How wonderful to drift into this beautiful animated walk with a poem that tugs at your heart to me this is a winner

  18. Jim says:

    This work should get lots and lots of votes. Deserves to be a winner. Well done Liam and Stevie.

  19. Mery McDonnell says:

    What a lovely film! Quite touching.

  20. Jo says:

    what a day that will be :)

  21. Ros Martin says:

    It’s beautful!

  22. Kate So says:

    Well done & so beautiful! I love it!

  23. John Denton says:

    Sweet work Lizer! And that spin at one minute is a triumph!


  24. Sophie says:

    Beautiful. Captures the experience perfectly. Hats off to the artists!

  25. Cecilia lam says:

    Beautiful !! Lovely work

  26. James Ronnie says:

    Amazing work Lizer and Stevie

  27. Zoe says:

    Great understanding of the joy/ sadness we feel for our children,beautiful touching words without gloss or pretence, and pictures that match the emotions perfectly. Just lovely.

  28. This is amazing – we love this – great work!!!

  29. Faye Ronnie says:

    I like all of it. Especially the giggling and the money hill tree.

  30. Evie Ronnie says:

    I love this video, my favourite part is the giggling girl because it made me chuckle with laughter because the girl is my cousin. This video deserves to win.

  31. nick says:

    The words are perfectly complemented by the images and the slow pace of the poem is matched by the slowly unfolding animation. A true unity.

  32. John Maguire says:

    Such a kind and gentle experience.

  33. Jascha Elliott says:

    Well this is just lovely and would be a deserving winner

  34. Liz Bower says:

    Beautifully simple, peaceful and thoughtful.

  35. Jinny woodington says:

    Beautiful :)

  36. Jemma Jones says:


  37. jennie hazell says:

    Stunning Liam ! I’m sure everyone, including your daughter when she’s a little older, will love it..

  38. Douglas says:

    Stevie Ronnie conjoiurs a country stroll with magic sprinkles…

  39. Grant says:

    Great. The more you listen and watch the more that is discovered. Worthy winner indeed!

  40. Carol McGuigan says:

    Touching, poignant – beautifully made

  41. iris says:

    GREAT work…it’s beautiful and touching and warm !
    Deserve to win~~~~

  42. Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.

  43. Yvette says:

    Amazing, Stevie!

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