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A Film about Poo

by Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins

People make poo. They also make wee. These things can be fun, but there is something important you should always remember to do…


4 Comments for “A Film about Poo”

  • Clutz says:

    In my humble opinion, this is a skillfully and beautifully executed exercise in the completely pointless. Style over substance manifested, not even at all funny, but enjoyable nonetheless. And why not?

  • Cola says:


    This is AMAZING….so funny but also something that would be great on commercial TV! wow, genius!!!

  • Dominic says:

    Poo is Fun. Quirky, accessible and fluid. I love these girl’s work.

  • margherita says:

    love the film…. it’s about real life. about all of us.

    ; )
    great animation!

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