DepicT! at LSFF

Easing the pain of post-holiday reentry, the London Short Film Festival and its projector with teeth return once again with over 200 short films and a whole load of other events at venues across London from THIS FRIDAY!

We’re just chuffed to have been invited back again, and this time we’re gathering our DepicT! friends for one of the festival’s informal Howling Feedback sessions at the Curzon Soho bar on Wednesday, 13 January at 4pm. Since our discussion on the ultra-short film format at Encounters was such a success (apart from wanting more time to chat), we thought we’d try a similar approach this time.

What differentiates a DepicT! film from a viral or a trailer or an episode in a series? Does it even matter? What else can you do with such a teeny amount of time? Our panelists all have made an ultra-short or two in their day and have approached the format in perhaps less conventional ways.

Come along and add your two cents to the conversation, or just pick up a few pointers for your DepicT! ’10 entry…

  • Hazel Grian is a new media artist and writer with a background in directing/performing for film and stage, twice shortlisted for DepicT! with Donut and Big Career. Hazel creates and directs Alternate Reality Games for clients including Bebo, British Red Cross, Paramount Studios, and Hewlett Packard Labs.
  • Matt Golding is creative director of media group Team Rubber. There he specialises in films for Rubberductions and also creates innovative virals, social media and online advertising for Rubber Republic.
  • Michael Davies is a filmmaker and television writer/director/producer who won the DepicT! ‘08 Special Mention Award for What’s Virgin Mean?. In addition to making short films, he has worked on series for the BBC and the Discovery Channel.
  • Joseph Pierce is a filmmaker and animator who has been twice shortlisted for DepicT! with Big on Love and State of Nature. His NFTS graduation film Stand Up won a number of festival awards, and he has recently created web content including work for BBC Comedy.
  • James Mullighan (chair) is creative director of Shooting People.

Posted on 04 Jan 2010 at 7:58 pm.


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