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Milling Machine, Shearing Machine, Drill

by Zsolt Ercsei


8 Comments for “Milling Machine, Shearing Machine, Drill”

  • billy says:

    quite interesting/good animation

  • Amanda Doran says:

    Hi Ivi,

    thought you’d enjoy this!


  • Erno says:

    Hi there! 🙂 Big like for this one! Very nice animation!

  • alina says:

    hai, Romania! fain

  • tania ahmed says:

    it was a bit hard to understand, I watched it 3-4 times; first, for the subtitles. second, just the animated pictures and finally .oh, those small pictures on the wall behind made it more clear… ok political but not bad.

  • Rach W says:

    Reminds me of Belleville Rendevous. In that as well they sound like they are speaking from the bottom of a deep well played back on a gramaphone. It gives a nice effect.

  • Toni says:

    very good one!

  • William Westaway says:

    The trouble with this is – you didn’t have time to enjoy the beautiful animation because it was such a struggle to keep up with the subtitles – half of them I didn’t get to see, so sadly that is a really fundamental flaw. Although from what I gathered I think it was really good?

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