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by Kayleigh Gibbons & Tom Gran


8 Comments for “Scunner”

  • billy says:

    when are a bunch of red dots scrolling across a screen not just a bunch of red dots? when its ART, darling

  • Fitz says:

    It’s amazing how soon you can get bored, even when you’ve only got 90 seconds to endure.

  • billy says:

    well i actually like this video just could do without the “artistic” description/intended meaning. looks more like the title sequence to a hitchcock movie

  • Mary prince says:

    I don’t know why i like it- I just do!

  • Matt says:

    Looks like a fun and nicely designed game! Is it available on PSN?

  • I’m amazed by some of the negative, glib and indifferent comments yet why should I be – most of us are trapped in the blind red dash of existence! This was a wonderful audio visual metaphor on the inevitable consequences of the proliferation of the organism. The moment when one cell is trapped in a web of its own ‘guano’ conveys such pathos as it looks for a way out, I felt a tear appear in my proverbial eye, perfectly reflected in the violin music too – fantastic!

  • Ellie the great says:

    Now that was tre’s cool!

  • Rob-a-dub-dub says:

    Beautiful. The pace and movement sweeps you along and I love the imposition of the paint. The drama of the strings really creates an empathy with the cells plight. Purity is restored once more, a wonderfully effective graphic metaphor.

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