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Slick Horsing

by Kiron Hussain


27 Comments for “Slick Horsing”

  • billy says:

    interesting but pointless and too hard to see

  • LifeArrow says:

    This is not David Lynch, darling…

  • Kiron (who directed this) says:

    RE: “billy”
    If you’re after a point you missed it.

    To analyse a dream you need intellect and imagination.
    Judging by the spectacularly twatish comments you’ve left directly beneath everybody’s videos you have neither.

  • Toby Young says:

    made me feel queasy – comments are interesting though…..

  • billy (who commented on this) says:

    RE: “kiron(who directed this)”

    okay heres my analysis: this is an advert for bacardi. the end.

    i liked this film but there is no point analysing the images as they are too dark to make out and ultimately, i suspect, mean nothing other than that they look nice. which is fine, but still pointless, as i stated. if its just a dream it could mean absolutely anything and therefore also means nothing. and yes i didn’t realise we were only allowed to leave fluffy, heartwarming comments and not state our honest opinions. oops !

  • mike says:

    I like the visuals- very unique. Not keen on the soundtrack- very “artsy” somehow patronising.
    why are billy’s comments twatish?

  • mike says:

    … After viewing the other entries and finding a negative criticism from billy on all the videos (the first comment), I agree that billy is a twat!

  • I enjoyed this. Creative, abstract, interesting

    Good work. Don’t let the haters spoil it!


  • Jon Ley says:

    This is excellent. Hugely atmospheric and original.

  • Paul Synnott says:

    Arresting, very intriguing and beautifully done. I love the sound work too. I agree with Jon – this is personal and original, and should be praised for that…

  • Mary prince says:

    Interesting visuals, I can’t see the ‘point’ of it all but I don’t care, looked great and was original…

  • jo says:

    this is the most interesting one so far.

    what is the point of billy?

  • Duke says:

    Enjoyed this the most so far, weirdness, atmosphere, good sound, cinematic

  • paulg says:

    Duke told me about this, and I think it’s fantastic.


  • Rai says:

    It’s a beautiful piece. Dark artistic imagery.

  • Dan says:

    Very nice! Made my flesh creep.

  • Rach W says:

    This is gorgeous and mind bending work of art that is far too strange for the average popcorn muncher obviously- just read comments at top of page for proof of this. For me this is a stand out winner, sadly the general public can’t be trusted to judge a competition with any more intellectual clout than the X-Factor so I very much doubt it will.

  • Matt says:

    RE: Rach W – You’re right. The people who watch and vote for X-Factor are exactly the same people who will come to to watch a selection of short films.
    Personally I like this film, it is not my favourite but it is one of the stronger ones due to its unique feel and interesting imagery. I’m not taking any meaning from it however, for me it just works an a dream sequence open to interpretation which, as Billy mentioned, can mean anything and nothing depending on your personal take. I enjoyed the description – “Mankind, Beastkind and Girlkind [the trinity of schoolboy terror] haunt a peculiar dream sequence” which is essentially a fear of everything, except plants and objects.

  • William Westaway says:

    This is a great film, mega imagination – beautiful visuals. Really well executed. However, narrative wise obviously it doesn’t offer much – it evokes feeling, which for me sometimes just isn’t enough.

  • gee says:

    unique use of visuals!


  • Glenn says:

    I think this film is let down by the low-bandwidth of the video player. It is true that some of the visual nuances are lost as it is a little dark and blocky in places. would love to see it in HD on full-screen…..

  • Biplob says:

    marvelous thinking, lighiting and editing! also marvelous comments!thanks Mahde for sharing it on facebook.

  • Scarlett says:

    I think it is hauntingly brilliant. The lighting works so effectively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to understand what it means…….but i suppose that is the directors little secret.

    Do you think some people have never heard the phrase, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything???? Or are people so disappointed with their own lack of creativity, that they feel the need to ridicule and insult others? Since when has a film meant to have a point?????? Free Speech right???? Let the creative minds SPEAK x

  • luke mckeown says:

    90 seconds of film is a long time if you think of 25 frames per second, but to tell a story in this time is impossible in terms of plot and narrative. What we have is a glimpse, a moment to catch the eye and the imagination, and this little dream sequence allows the subconscious to fill in the blanks. A wonderful film, and refreshing to watch something which is not full of cliches!

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  • Kris Griffin says:

    It is not easy to evoke such strong and distinct feelings in film. I felt uneasy and transported to a dark, troubled place.
    Afterwards I simply felt amazed at the talent on show. Strong imagery, intelligent sound design, great concept. For me, feeling stirred up was the point. Nice work.

  • Peter says:

    Why all the harsh comments? The look and feel of this was absolutely brilliant. Good work!

  • Ellie the great says:

    This was diffrent, but enjoyeble[scose spelin]And it was a great idea, intresting and an all round awesome ‘film’!!!!!!!!

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