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The Columnist

by Peter Shevlin


23 Comments for “The Columnist”

  • billy says:

    interesting story boring visuals

  • Clementine says:

    Wow!! Powerful story, and very moving music! His story is a traumatic one and very poigniant and I think the calming visuals of the flower garden relect the inner peace found by the Columnist after all these years.

  • Richard says:

    Very interesting and powerful story. Well produced.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Interesting story and great music. Well done!

  • Bob says:

    A very interesting story well told. Well done.

  • Margaret says:

    The Columnist holds your attention.The sound and visual production leaves the viewer wanting more.

  • clare says:

    felt it was tender and interesting. putting together, the normality of pottering around the gardens with the horrors of his story. left me wanting more.

  • Mary prince says:

    I like this. I thought the camera work was good unlike Billy. I liked the dialogue over the random visuals. Interesting…

  • Rach W says:

    My grandfather was a P.O.W in Japan- brought back some memories of his stories. Scary stories.

  • Sam says:

    Thoughtful piece well depicted.

  • jet set says:

    Wow. Makes you understand how lucky we are!

  • John says:

    Impressive work, very moving. The excellent use of sound and visuals makes me appreciate even more the freedom we have today because of people like Tony Lord. Would be great to hear more about his life.

  • John says:

    Great piece of video, would love to hear more, how about a part two?

  • Roy says:

    Very well put together,enjoyed the columnist momories

  • Chloe says:

    A very delicately put together piece.
    Very impressed.

  • Jen says:

    Well presented. An excellent use of voice-over, music and video to tell and interesting and poignant piece. Well done!

  • Anees says:

    Very good, well done. I enjoyed listening to his voice, beside the quality was great, as expected from you, the tune of his voice were perfect, I liked it. Thanks

  • amy says:

    its amazing to think what a contrast his current surroundings are to the memories he is bringing back!

  • Brendon says:

    Very good.

  • Sjoerd says:

    Great contrast between the peaceful gardens he’s walking around in, the devastating things he talks about, and then again the calmness, almost indifference, of his voice. I think it’s the contrast that hits me most of all and makes you think about the event that happened in Hiroshima. Good work!

  • Vic says:

    I liked the contrast between the peaceful surroundings and the calmness of the story teller’s voice, compared to the horrific memories of his experiences.

  • Cathy says:

    Very moving piece. And the juxtaposition of the tranquility and sunshine of the setting against the narrative made it more powerful as it underlined that the people involved in war previously led ordinary lives, and the lucky ones continued to do so.

  • William Westaway says:

    Hats off for choosing a guy like that, he had a great story that totally merits being remembered. Sadly though – not great directing – I wanted to see his interview? I didn’t want to see him sat on a bench…… then get up from the bench…. then walk away from the bench. Also, bad technically… you know, he’s a great man – great story – do him justice! – auto iris? dirt on lens? dodgy zooms?

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