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The Ongoing Life of Peter Peel: can, can, can’t

by Felix Massie


19 Comments for “The Ongoing Life of Peter Peel: can, can, can’t”

  • billy says:

    good story decent drawings didnt understand the end

  • EJF says:

    Awesome, I thought that was excellent, very entertaining!

  • Rachael says:

    Loved! Best by far!! V.funny x

  • Bristol Film Making says:

    This is the only entry that contains any original character, strength in storytelling or example of craft.

    As for the infamous silly Billy – I kind of agree with a lot of his negative comments as I am often disappointed with the quality of the depict shortlist. Many opinions are worth keeping to your yourself though and if you only say negative things it just comes across as bitter and people will only have a negative opinion of you.

    What is not to get about the ending of this? The character is annoyed with the old lady for knocking down his tins and thinks bad feelings towards her. It’s pretty explicit…or did you just have to come up with something to take the edge off using the words “good” and “decent”.

  • billy says:

    i didn’t only say negative things bristol. just gave honest opinions which i think is better than just going “woo i love it” or not saying anything which most people would/do while secretly having a (probable) negative opinion. Id agree tho that this video tells a story in 90 seconds which is what i thought this competition was about. Most of these videos could be (and probably are) just 90 second edits of longer films. I’m not sure if this is the “best” entry but its certainly one of the better ones. I don’t know why you thought i was bitter about it tho ?

    What i didnt get about this ending was the text at the end, which could have been better/made more sense to read, but I never said not understanding it was the fault of the film either ! and also if you want to be pedantic (and god knows i do), the character wont be docked pay for knocking over the tins ( so is still on to be a “millionaire” – lets hope he dosen’t pay rent/tax/have to eat/actually exist) and would never have been able to build a tower anyway ! so much for the brilliant mathematical brain, dosen’t he realize supermarkets have roofs ? i think that old dear just saved your man a LOT of trouble, which ironically he probably would have got sacked for. 😀

  • mcquinny says:

    Very funny AND true – after spending years of my life working in a local shop I feel his pain!

    (I actually quite liked the ending too!) 😉

  • seventy6 says:

    awesome! having worked in jobs like that I feel for the chap.

  • pushten says:


  • Sam Moore says:

    I like the design and structure of this.

    It’s also a really beautiful sentiment – I love the idea that by doing a really badly paid inconsequential job you could also do something extraordinary and amazing (or not).

    The perfect expression of animation in fact …

  • Mary prince says:

    I like this, a lot of work and effort clearly went into it and it has a beginning, middle and end, unlike some of the more obscure stuff that’s been submitted. The best I’ve seen on the shortlist. I hope it wins.

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  • Matt says:

    This is definitely my favourite this year. I agree with Bristol Film Making, this film is the only one of all the films that is genuinely original, with a strong character and funny narrative. Most of the other films have been weak in these and most other aspects or have been just another variation on over-used short film devices (interview granddad and make a film with that, film about thinking of a film etc). This film is also mathematically accurate.

  • JJ Pierre says:

    This is VERY appeeling.

  • Rik says:

    should have won! the rest were sh*t.

  • sarah says:

    Love this. it is very sad in a way but it is very real. i thought maybe the man has what they call “an autistic spectrum disorder” and life is difficult for him but also quite fun doing things many of us would hate. or maybe he is just a guy. someone knocking your cans and fantasies down is pretty crummy but he also shows a lack of empathy with the lady. which many of us could empathise with.

  • William Westaway says:

    Just watched all the films – this is the winner. Yes I also agreed with some of Billy’s comments however this film combines the weird and beautiful. Unique animation with touching sentiment – that white blob thing is the dreamer in all of us.

    In theory we will all get what we want, but in life it never always works out that way.

    Nailed Felix!

  • gee says:

    the ending is funny

  • Niamh says:

    I loved it!

  • Ellie the great says:

    This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVED IT ONE OF MY FAVES[IF NOT, MY FAVOURT!!]Should have been a winner by a mile!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]

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