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Above as Below

by Michelle Arbon

17 Comments for “Above as Below”

  • BILLY says:

    really good liked it a lot. didnt understand the ending tho and looked like it might just be 1 minute out of a longer film. very good tho + nice music

  • Steven Wells says:

    Honest to god effort!well done

  • Layla says:

    Good story and twist. However, was sad and dramatic. I imagened two places to live one is worse than the other, just like choosing between the west and middle east!

  • Jenny Shepherd says:

    So sad! And beautifully done

  • Guy Zagata says:

    Amazing. Evoked so much emotion. Beautiful put together.

  • cindy prentice says:

    truley a wonderful short film filled with emotion.

  • marie says:

    bloody brilliant!

  • Rebecca says:

    Really emotional and beautifully depicted in such a short time. Well worth viewing thanks

  • Ellen says:

    really well done. well put together, interesting imagery, and has left me thinking after watching

  • Dee says:

    Technically a great piece of animation, beautifully crafted.

  • Arvind Raj says:

    Nice work. Good story line. Potential is there.

  • mel says:

    Well thought through and illustrated, loved this piece of work! Really touching.

  • Martin says:

    Brilliant, so well crafted and poignant.

  • Tim Chattell says:

    Brilliant work. All drawn by hand? Loved the music, though the end was a little hard to grasp. Well done

  • Limi says:

    This is the winner?!

  • paul says:

    My grandad fought in the war. He had a different perception of it to this film though. He got to fly in aeroplanes, ride motorcycles and he shot at Germans a few times. He said the entire thing was jolly good fun.

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