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Attack of The Alien Emmets

by Paul Parker

11 Comments for “Attack of The Alien Emmets”

  • Wibbles says:

    A lame pay off for an unspectacular film.

  • chris says:

    haha I lived in Cornwall for a while and can confirm this actually happens every summer.

  • sandrose says:

    I’ve been following the DepicT competition for three years now and I can’t hide my disappointment of the last trends in the forum’s evolution. I cannot believe that the competent jury made exactly this choice selecting such a shortlist from more than 500 presented works (by the way, I’m curious if there a technical problem to show more films in the shortlist). The majority of the films that made it to the shortlist are frankly pretentious. With all my respect to this experiment, this is not always a synonym for artistic value, even though its suggestions are on the edge of paranoia (which sometimes helps). Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the idea of this competition was to show a story which has a philosophical and emotional impact, although unusual, presented in a different way, but understandable and exciting at the same time. Unfortunately, most works probably excite only their authors while the only effect they cause on spectators is bewilderment. There are exceptions, of course, and up to a certain extent these compensate for the overall impression. Congrats for the authors of Candy Crime, The Launderette, Antonymy, De Ljin! Ordinarily presented plots with interesting stories may turn out to be very profound; they provoke questions, interpretations, feelings…-in 90 seconds. Anyway, it is indicative that the forum is kind of apathetic; I can’t seem to find a true discussion on film art there. I thought that the purpose of this initiative was to create an artistic forum encouraging uncommercial cinema, original ideas and approaches. However, so far I only got convinced what brand to choose for my next phone. But yet, it does you credit that the shortlist was shortened a little bit more.

  • sara says:

    Sandrose you obviously feel you can do better. Prove it. Make a film. Enter it. Then if it’s not shortlisted you can blame the competence of the jury and rant about it on the forum.

  • jimbowen says:

    sandrose could the issue be that your lego film was a jug of piss?

  • sandrose says:

    Short comments and not to the point, apologetics of the jury’s choice, not a film discussion. Why is that? I am asking what’s the purpose here.

  • Quirkyjoe says:

    I would like to know what kind of discussion Sandrose expects to see. The comments on here have been quite direct and honest responses to the content. It isn’t for one person to say if a film will only excite its authors. Every film seems to have attracted positive comments and seems to have found an audience. I agree that it does feel like the other half of the shortlist is missing though. Or that the films have been shortlisted for the sake of diversity.

  • […] Attack of Alien Emmets is, I think, my favourite. It illustrates to me how a story really can be told in 90 seconds, it is totally simple but it makes you think and makes you want to watch again so I think it does it’s job nicely, plus there is a nice pay off in terms of humour at the end. […]

  • Dennis Cholmondley-Farqois says:

    Sandrose you obviously have no sense of hypocrisy, how else could you accuse the film makers of being pretentious, and then start whining about there being no true discussion of “film art” in the forum? Perhaps when your brain has fully grown into the vacuum of your skull, you might start appreciating things like subtlety, wit and visual metaphor. Until then though, don’t expect your lego films to be taken seriously by anybody.

  • Tim Chattell says:

    ‘Because they were all empty’
    heheheh lol

  • Corma Holmes says:

    Hahaha, that is excellent! It made me laugh so much!

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