Interview with DepicT! filmmaker Sjaak Rood

Still from Dutch animation De Lijn

If filmmaking is something you’re new to, or have thought about trying out, this interview with Dutch illustrator Sjaak Rood shows that you can enter the industry without necessarily having a filmmaking background and that with a bit of creativity you can produce something engaging and imaginative.

Firstly, can you briefly explain what your film is about? De Lijn (The Line) shows the balance between line, drawing and animation. The film is made from just one drawing of a line of figures. One by one the figures are centered in their frames, thus creating a series of coincidental compositions. These compositions form the basic loop for the film.

The line of figures was drawn very quickly and intuitively, making the movement quite unpredictable. The simple story of the film, a line gets lost in the drawing and comes back at the end of the film, is only one layer in the film. The atmosphere created by the combination of the movement and the stills is what really fascinates me. I guess that’s what the film is really about.

What made you choose this particular theme? The film was made for a contest at the Central Museum in Utrecht (The Netherlands). The commission was to make a short film titled De Lijn. When I started to play around with the theme I got this idea.

How do you hope your film will resonate with your audience? I hope the audience is interested in the mystery of the film, and that the viewer connects to the atmosphere of the film.

Can you give us some information about your background – what made you choose to get into film? Until 2004 I was working as a theatre technician and light designer. I also made animations for theatre productions. I quit my job to use all the time for my own projects. From 2009 until 2011 I was artist in residence at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film NIAf. During that period I made two short animation films: Fast Forward Little Red Riding Hood (2010) and De Lijn (2011). A third film, KOFFIE (COFFEE) is on the way.

Are there any cinematic works that have inspired you or influenced you in some way. Very many. important ones; Flux by Chris Hinton, lots of films by Paul Driessen. And many more….

What have you been up to since filming? I’m finishing my current film KOFFIE. I’ve also done some illustration assignments.

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Posted on 04 Nov 2011 at 5:32 pm.


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