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Progress, tiny slow progress

Wizard Roy in a new hat

Making short films is never easy, especially when they grow beyond their original scope. Add to that the necessity of earning money to buy food and computers, I have the situation where I can only push this ‘Apple Crumble!’ short film project in short bursts. However, having plenty of time to think about a project (rather than do) means that I can gain some kind of perspective on the work to date. And so I can see that the film is far too long and that I need to cut and simplify.

Which I have started to do. The story will have just 1 location and just 3 main characters (plus 1 supporting character). It also has a much better title. It is now called…


It’s still about wizards, witches, birds and apples though. Watch this space without holding breath.

Posted on 07 Sep 2011 at 8:00 pm.

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