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Big Signal

by Evelien Lohbeck

Think the DepicT! video player is on the blink? Think again…


10 Comments for “Big Signal”

  • Josh Randall says:

    I’d have been content if that was feature length 🙂

  • Jane Collard says:

    Reminds me of my life!

    Simple idea that worked really well and brought to mind the 1970’s tv and butterflies..

  • ron wright says:

    Beautiful, unique – simple and elegant idea that works perfectly.

  • JimmyNice says:

    One of 2 that I genuinely enjoyed. Good work.

  • Doris Day says:

    While its quite disappointing to work on a film for 3 months and not be shortlisted, that’s film competitions for you. However, to view the shortlisted films and see a film run to nearly 2 minutes is bloody disheartening. ‘Depict’, please respect those film-makers who shaved precious frames, cut whole scenes and re-edited, in order to create films at the length you stipulated in your guidelines. Can Evelien Lohbeck do it in 90 seconds? No.

  • Celine Dion says:

    Doris Day, I agree its unfair its 2 minutes long, but without credits, and from the moment the screen flicks on it is actually 1:30, its more of a technicality I think

  • Doris Day says:

    Fair point Celine. By the way, would love to duet one day, if I can get round to it before I head for the great Silver Screen in the sky.

  • Geoff Hall says:

    So, I was asking myself what DepicT were looking for this year and I think so far (4 down 8 to go) that it’s all about technique; the simulation of a story and so for me, what the….? Who cares?

  • tamm26 says:

    i want to see Geoffs movie. . . !

  • chunky_dave says:

    @ tamm26

    you really don’t.. it’s tragically bad.

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