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Blind Encounter

by Kevin L Andrews

A blind man’s journey that leads to different ways of seeing the world.


32 Comments for “Blind Encounter”

  • Josh Randall says:

    The shot of the liquid onto the eye got a real reaction – for 90 seconds this develops it’s own style…

  • Robbie Tomkins says:

    Really touching and thoughtfully yet beautifully shot – the image of the eye was amazing and the reflective braille writing was quite inventive.

  • Michele Mead says:

    This film managed to grab my attention from the start and in a short space of just 90 seconds, took me on a journey of emotional fear and confusion, mixed with personal tragedy. Cleverly done, its as though you are seeing first hand through the eyes of this little boy, what it was like to lose his sight and, now in old age how he has come to terms with his blindness and how he sees the world today. Some very good shots like the liquid onto the eye and the sunshine and shading in the trees that the black and white footage cleverly captures. Very well thought out and a first class piece of filming.

  • Jiles Davis says:

    Thr film feels very relatable – even though it is something I can not imagine going through myself

  • Katie McConkey says:

    Fantastic film that says a lot in just 90 seconds. Loved it.

  • Katie MB says:

    Gets my vote – love it!

  • Lucy Forster says:

    Great short film, well shot, good use of music and thought provoking / inspiring ending.

  • Charlotte McCorker says:

    Amazingly cinematic and cleverly shot, really enjoyed watching this short film.

  • Michael Stapleton says:

    Very good, made me think

  • Denise mcconkey says:

    Brilliant and thought provoking

  • richard fitchett says:

    This is good cinema… bite size… with an artists eye for a telling image.

  • Mark Wisher says:

    Great vid, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Ann Brindle says:

    Fantastic photography and video the eye drop was amazing.

  • Kim Levin says:

    A beautifully shot and emotional piece of work. Great work.

  • Stephen Hogger says:

    The video made me feel a range of different emotions. Very cleverly done.

  • nicky thomson says:

    Professional. Poignant.

    I see life differently…

  • Tracy Green says:

    Very poignant and meaningful moments captured in a short space of time.

  • Ricky McAlpine says:

    Beautiful telling of the devastating consequences of an avoidable mistake. Great work.

  • Sarah Lovell says:

    A great piece,emotional With meaning

  • Emma Makin says:

    Thoughtfully done!

  • steven crawley says:

    very good get you thinking.

  • Graham Taylor says:

    What an amazingly passionate and strong film, well shot and to the point, I loved every bit of it

  • Jane Collard says:

    EXCELLENT well done.

    Told the story well and was emotive.

    All aspects of the piece was well thought out and I found it a very spiritual piece..

  • ron wright says:

    Very good, some inventive ideas, although I’m not convinced documentaries should make the finals – there’s not much involved apart from finding someone with a story “angle”, then putting together a couple of poignant lines to ambient music. No imagination required, so 90 second docs don’t cut it for me.

  • John says:

    A 90 second documentary is impossible to be informative or be in any way useful to anyone. No subject can elaborated in 90 seconds. I think it’s about style, and I see a lot in 90 seconds… Cleaver subject, I must say, you focused on his story and done that with style in 90 seconds. Such a shame, and I’m still trying to imagine what it would be like to loose my sight and that is the cleaver part to this. Anyone that as the use of their eyes will have to have a little more appreciation for what they take for granted on a daily bases after watching this… Genius!!

  • JimmyNice says:

    Excellent. Superb film making.

  • Gus Alvarez says:

    Excellent sound design, photography, titles, all realised very well to create an emotional and intriguing piece. Very good work.

  • Jessica Miller says:

    Wow this is an amazing video very inspiring. Definetly gets my vote.

  • Nancy Faulkner says:

    WOW this is brilliant it defo touched my heart xxx

  • Geoff Hall says:

    Nice. Much better! Something about a real person!

  • Daria says:

    Definitely a contender. Wish you all the best!

  • tamm26 says:

    I honestly think i didnt need the words, i liked the braile but not the “clues” being static and small. i do like the use of this is films but not here. well done though, old school, and i understand there is a ten min version . Congratulations.

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