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Evolution of an Idea

An idea always starts out in it’s simplest form, a small spark of brilliance. This small spark then sets in motion the need to turn the idea into a fully fledged story.  However, this is the easy bit, everything very quickly becomes more complex, when you have to develop this idea and ensure that it has a perfectly formed beginning, middle and end.

My first mentoring session with Sue has been fantastic and a great learning experience for me. It is very easy to see your own project through rose tinted glasses and it is great to be given advice from a fresh pair of eyes. I now realise that one of the arts to being a good storyteller, is the ability to cull your own work. You have to learn to let go of aspects that aren’t working or don’t move the story along. Whilst developing my short film with Sue, I have become conscious of the fact that I was getting far too preoccupied with un-necessary details, that were only wasting valuable screen time. With this in mind, the evolution of my idea has led me back to the bare bones of the story. I am just about to start developing the second draft script and will continue to develop this idea further with Sue.

‘Above as Below’ is currently in consideration with several UK and European Film Festivals and so fingers crossed that I will have some good news in my blog next month.

Michelle Arbon
DepicT! ’11 British Special Mention Award Winner

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