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by Natalie Hoppe

Every action has a reaction.


21 Comments for “Felix”

  • Josh Randall says:

    This reminds me of that contraceptive ad!

  • Dave says:

    Distasteful and creatively poor.

  • sarah says:

    Clearly the above comments don’t have kids!
    I thought it was funny.

  • ron wright says:

    Can someone please explain to me how a film that’s just a static shot of a child being assaulted has been picked as a great piece of work by the judges of this competition ? The filmmakers have literally just thought, let’s just do something really mean and shocking and the idiot judges of these things will probably see it as a great, meaningful work of art – and they apparently HAVE !!! This is so depressing, the third film I’ve watched in one sitting that’s just a static shot that has no story or point, no creativity or even good visuals. This IS a competition for the BEST films… isn’t it… ?

  • William Westaway says:

    “Child being assaulted” – you know this is fiction right? This film is not distasteful – and “shocking” would have been decapitation of the kid with a chain saw. I can see merits in it – it does nail a very simple point.

  • Rach Groom says:

    It is funny. When you go to great lengths over several days in many locations to make your entry you can’t help but feel a bit gutted you didn’t just do something as simple as this!

  • Jane Collard says:

    Where’s the child catcher when you need him!

    It was funny but then, I really don’t like children..

  • ron wright says:

    To the person who said, “it’s just fiction” – if you have two brain cells to rub together, you’ll realise that to set the shot up and make it work, the child had to have been specifically coached to do what he does in the film, and has obviously been told it was a fun game. Then the person who told him that shocks and humiliates him just so he can win a prize. If you can’t see how morally reprehensible, and also unbelievably lazy creatively, that is, you need your head looking at.

  • David Johnston says:

    There are many genres of film out there. This is obviously a comedy. And I think it was brilliant!

    Not all entries needs to make us think, or scratch our chins. Not all entries or films need to be meaningful or last the test of time. Film is an artform that can be used in many different ways. The number of scenes included or shots made is irrelevant. The time taken to make a film is irrelevant.

    This film made me laugh. It did its job well.

    Well done Natalie, it gets my vote!

  • Shortlisted 2010 for TAP.

    Excellant set of films this year, Depict never ceases to amaze me how far people think outside the box.
    This film is absolutely genius! And I was in tears laughing for a good 10 minutes afterwards. Its one of films where you’ve managed to capture a situation in life, an awkward one at that, where normally we would do nothing and then bam! I feel like am stood in the cue next them.

    Simple, well executed. Beginning, middle, end (someone we never had lol) and hilarious to boot! At least it didn’t follow this strange theme of looping this year…and to those who say its child abuse, yes its borderline but good luck just standing there if this ever happens to you.

    Hats off and good luck!

  • William Westaway says:

    Ha! Ron I just can’t see why you have such a bee in your bonnet. You appear to have the my-film-didn’t-get-in blues. I think it’s safe to say that the kid who gets a bit of liquid on his head wont be emotionally scarred for life and wont be misbehaving in any supermarkets in the future.

  • Geoff Hall says:

    And again, another film that get’s my ‘so what’! Just when I thought things were getting better, I get to see this! Please DepicT, wake up! There’s a whole world out there – of better film-makers and real life too!

  • Billy Macrae says:

    Unfortunately I can’t hear the audio as I’m in the Watershed on the slacker computer.
    However, this film made me stop and think, which most short films really don’t. At all.

    OK, it’s shocking. And possibly a bit wrong!

    …but good for you, Watershed, for taking a punt on something a bit ‘out there’.
    After all, this child would probably laugh his ass off if it saw that clip, as he probably has.

    It certainly raises questions, if only about what is acceptable!

  • chunky_dave says:

    I like seeing all the faux outrage from the disgruntled entrants. Especially the ones gracious enough to link to their own really bad work. Watching them trying to jump on the artistic high horse, missing and getting their heads stuck up it’s arse -really makes me laugh out loud.

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  • Martin Agombar says:

    Video not streaming?

  • John says:

    …Not a big fan.

  • Ata says:

    Its not his child u eggs. The mother just standing there letting him do that to a stranger

  • Ponne says:

    wow that kid was a great actor

  • Carl Nielsen says:

    I would have poured the drink over the Mother if it was real and I was the unwilling recipient of the child’s ill discipline.

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