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by Scott Coello

A nonsensical dribble of probable communicative events that’s probably based on a true story in a parallel universe.


9 Comments for “Hey”

  • Jets says:

    Watched all the short lists and found myself in a bit of a gloom then this lovely coffee stained film burst into action on my screen – thought it was great!

  • Josh says:

    Great , fun imaginative and enjoyable to watch lots of lovely little moments that just add to the piece

  • Jade says:

    Find new things everytime I watch it. so much time for this.

  • Rach Groom says:

    This is great and well deserving of being shortlisted! Love it all : )

  • Geoff Hall says:

    ? Is this really the cure for the depressing quality I’ve seen so far on this shortnihilist? Getting jaundiced. Half way through and feeling existentialist angst!

  • john g says:

    Funnnnn and bright.

  • Francis Hannaway says:

    Great stuff! I’d be interested to know HOW it was made. Was it drawn, frame by frame? Were templates used and traced? Was it done with FLASH animation?

  • whatever says:

    This actually won an award and I see nothing but compliments here… I’m amazed at how drastically a UK-only requirement can lower expectations for a short film competition.

  • L says:

    Erm, this isn’t a UK-only short film competition, whatever. Anyone can enter films.

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