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Parrot Peeter Aureliu

by Anti & Ando Naulainen

To get your point across, it’s probably best to listen to those you are trying to reach first.


9 Comments for “Parrot Peeter Aureliu”

  • Josh Randall says:

    In 5 shots it felt like world cinema!

  • Tina says:

    What did the parrot say?
    Good movie though! 😀

  • Jane Collard says:

    Yeah what did the parrot say, I don’t like carrots?!

    Thought it worked well though..

  • Rach Groom says:

    This is the clear winner!!

  • Rach Groom says:

    It stands out head and shoulders above the others in terms of quality and makes you want to watch the feature. Well done, where can I get more from you?

  • ron wright says:

    Excellent film, beautifully shot – but the fact that what the parrot says is unclear to everyone who’s watched the film (although it does sound like “beautiful”) is a major failing, which is a bit of a shame. But a class act.

  • David Johnston says:

    Amazing shots. and nice little film. Was he eating a cracker at the end? 🙂

    the parrot obviously said – ‘beau-ti-ful’ – no confusion in my mind.

    great film!

  • Geoff Hall says:

    “Beautiful cinematography”, is what the parrot said! Like it muchly!

  • sk says:

    Great film and cast humans and animal!!!

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