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by Juci Szurdi

A girl undergoes a radical transformation in this sonically mind-bending pixilation.


8 Comments for “Pre-Set”

  • Josh Randall says:

    Cool pixelation – this could blend nicely into a two parter with big noise!


    Nice one!!! Juciii

  • Jane Collard says:

    Clever but it’s been done before.

    Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer comes to mind..

  • ron wright says:

    The quality of these finalists is shockingly low, dunno what the hell’s happened to DepicT! This is nicely done, but it’s like a first year animation student’s bit of course work. WHERE ARE THE REAL FILMS ??? Crazy idea, but something with acting… story… any structure at all.

  • Mazeyn says:

    Well done! I also would like to have a remoote controller to switch of all external impulses. I really love this idea!

  • Fellini says:

    Fantastic. A full list of effects children are impulsed by. One of the most entertaining 55 seconds of my life…

  • Geoff Hall says:

    Shockingly retro. Is there anything new under the sun? Apparently not. If this is what DepicT is wanting from film-makers, then no wonder films with a social conscience don’t make it! I shall follow down the list of all 12 films. Hopefully, I’ll be proved wrong!

  • Marco says:


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