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Prologue : BAFTA Mentorship

‘Above as Below’ started out as a very small idea to capture a WWII soldiers first horrific confrontation with war but, to do this in a way that would reflect the beautifully haunting poetry of that era. With the help of Zosienka’s charming illustrations and Craig Smith’s fantastic animation skills, together we created a non-dialogue 90 second short film. I entered ‘Above as Below’ into the DepicT! competition and have been very fortunate to win the DepicT! British Special Mention Award 2011. The prizes that accompany this award are incredible and I am already taking full advantage of these. A huge thank you to all of the individuals and organisations that have so generously given their support towards the DepicT! British Special Mention Award.

I am very pleased that BAFTA Member, Sue Breen, has agreed to be my Mentor. Sue has a fantastic CV and has worked on a huge variety of projects, she has Script Edited TV Dramas, spent four years as Head of Feature Development at Aardman Animations and is currently working as a Freelance Producer and offering Script Consultation services. A big thank you to Sue Breen for giving her time and support during my Mentorship and of course to Niyi Akeju of BAFTA for her role in organising and facilitating my BAFTA Mentorship.

My next step is to speak with Sue about a couple of ideas that I have been developing, both of which are animated projects. After the subject matter of ‘Above as Below’ I wanted my next film to be a little more light hearted and fun. The first of my ideas is a short stop motion animation that is a simple tale about finding love in unforeseen circumstances. The second idea is for a family animated feature film, set during the Industrial Revolution. With Sue’s help and advice, I hope to choose one of these ideas to develop further over the course of our Mentorship. I will keep you updated on our progress…

Michelle Arbon
DepicT! ’11 British Special Mention Award Winner

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