Catching up with a 2012 winner

Image of Mole Hill with Dave Sproxton

Mole Hill receives the main DepicT! 2012 award from Dave Sproxton of Aardman Animations

Mole Hill won DepicT! 2012 with Fat Cat, his fantastic animated commentary on the desire to make excessive amounts of money.

We caught up with Mole Hill recently to gain some insight, for those of you who are thinking of applying…

What drew you to the 90 second format?

I really like the 90 second format, shorter than a short but longer than a commercial it gives enough time to tell a fairly complex story, whilst forcing the film-maker to be succinct.

What was your level of experience before submitting to DepicT?

I’ve been knocking around for ages, I started out making shorts for C4 back in the 80s and have worked on children’s series, commercials, stings – anything that comes along really.  Over the last few years I’ve started making shorts again, taking advantage of the new technologies that have made film-making so accessible lately.

What have you been up to since your DepicT! success? Where did the competition take you?

Winning at Depict was fantastic – It’s particularly good that the films get a bit of distribution after the event itself.  I used the prize money to buy a camera and have started on a new short – I’ve completed the first shot, so at this rate it should be finished sometime in 2020!

In 9 words can you sum up why DepicT! is so important to emerging filmmakers?

A great showcase, a firm deadline, a creative opportunity.

Watch Fat Cat now →

Posted on 09 May 2013 at 3:22 pm.


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