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Cool Unicorn Bruv

by Ninian Doff

Unicorns, innit.


7 Comments for “Cool Unicorn Bruv”

  • Jaden Randall says:

    Very funny, some great acting and a very good pace to it.

  • Walde Marko says:

    The time??? 90 seconds = 101 seconds ??
    The films shortlisted for this year’s ompetition stood out for their originality, imagination and ability to engage, and are now in the running for the main DepicT, BUT RULES COMPETION… IS NOT RESPECTED: The time??? 90 seconds = 101 seconds ??

  • David says:

    Dear Walde,

    To clarify, as others have responded with regard to the other films you have left the same comment on, the film itself is 90 seconds in duration. We, that is DepicT!, have added a 5 second DepicT! ident at the beginning and a 5 DepicT! credit screen at the end of each film.

    This adds 10 seconds to each published film’s duration, hence why you seeing films of 1m40s seconds in length. If you have any other questions then do contact us at and we will be happy to answer any further questions.

    Thanks for the comment,

    David (Watershed Online Publishing Manager)

  • Oli Bingham says:

    Well said David. This is a cracking film! Very funny, nicely shot, great acting.

  • Amy says:


  • David paul says:

    Perfect in every way!!!!

  • Joe says:

    Loved this very good thank you so much for making us all laugh here at home!

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