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by Luka Bajt & Sarah Frimann Conradsen

Kurent is a mythological Slovenian creature said to come every year and scare the winter away.

5 Comments for “Kurent”

  • Walde Marko says:

    The time??? 90 seconds = 100 seconds ??
    The films shortlisted for this year’s ompetition stood out for their originality, imagination and ability to engage, and are now in the running for the main DepicT, BUT RULES COMPETION… IS NOT RESPECTED: The time??? 90 seconds = 100 seconds ??

  • Simon says:

    It’s a great movie! Lasting exactly 90 seconds! 5 seconds “DepicT-logo” in the beginning and in the end. So what’s the problem?

  • Karin Bergholt says:

    Hvor er den bare flot!!!! Det er godt arbejde Luka og Sarah!!

  • Sally says:

    The animation style is really interesting, at least for the first two thirds. I don’t like the use of graphics at the end so much.

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    Kurent or Schatzi should be the winner!

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