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Schatzi (Darling)

by Joshan Esfandiari Martin

A caustic family portrait with an unexpected resolution.

9 Comments for “Schatzi (Darling)”

  • MARTIN says:

    Please VOTE, a funny German family film, Loriot allurement, garnished with typical british humor
    a sharp view on a typical German family of our modern times…

  • Walde Marko says:

    The time??? 90 seconds = 100 seconds ??
    The films shortlisted for this year’s ompetition stood out for their originality, imagination and ability to engage, and are now in the running for the main DepicT, BUT RULES COMPETION… IS NOT RESPECTED: The time??? 90 seconds = 100 seconds ??

  • MARTIN says:

    THE FILM without opening- and end titles of depicT is exactly 90 seconds. Please check Walde before complaining :-*

  • Natasha Hawthornthwaite says:

    I really loved this. Really nice idea, explains a lot in 90 seconds!

  • Paddy says:

    Call me Mr Nit Pick, but for a film that looks like it’s not been done on the cheap, it really stuck out for me that they used the sound of a high speed digital camera at the end when they’ve purposefully chosen a very used-looking 1980s film camera instead of a modern one.

  • MARTIN says:

    Hey Paddy, the film costed 150 Euro …

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    Very cool, Schatzi or Kurent should be the winner!

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    by the way, acting is great!!!

  • Squid says:

    Very funny! Made me laugh today! 😀

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