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by Chris Lang

Exhausted and wearing thin, a whole new life is awaiting Luke - in more ways than he expects.


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  • Paula Davies says:

    Very clever it captured a lot within a short timescale kind of summed up being new parents and how it can open doors to new worlds which believe it or not can be fun. Think all new Dads would be waking their babies up if that were true ..
    but who knows maybe it is

  • Marjorie Thomas says:

    Very cute and clever.

  • celia thomas says:

    What a clever little film this is, a simple solution to an age old problem. Absolutely well done.

  • jeni says:

    the story is clever but also the shifts in mood and film – quite lovely

  • Tracey says:

    Great. Loved both the idea and the execution

  • David Symons says:

    I really liked that, it packed a lot in. I wanted to see more of the midnight parties.

  • Anne Jones says:

    Hahahahaha . . . I can empathize with this . . . !

  • Gary says:

    Cool film. Bought back memories of me walking the streets with my daughter Kia in London at 2am!! Yup – captured the moment perfectly…just wish there was a midnight BBQ awaiting me in Kingsbury or Roe Green in the middle of the night 🙂 Cheers Adam for sharing..

  • Justine says:

    Love the idea. Encapsulates much in such a short time. Editing spot on too 🙂

  • Alex Gully says:

    A lovely little film idea and execution that many could identify with; a magical concept of escapism, wonder and community with a funny end – well done!

  • Trevor Hearing says:

    Neat idea. I have been there. A lovely tone to the film.

  • pat says:

    A great little film idea and execution that many could identify with; a magical concept of escapism and wonder with a funny end – well done!

  • Phil says:

    If ONLY….! Been there, sadly, not done that! Made me smile

  • Tony Whitehead says:

    Really well shot and a great short all round.
    I want to hang with the dad’s.

  • emily says:

    Great! what a fantastic idea, and so well executed. If only parenthood could be like this!

  • Kelly says:

    This is great, so funny and resonates!

  • Christa says:

    That was so cute. Love it!

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