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by Steph Dalley

This hand drawn animation explores the strange state between dreams and reality, which sleep paralysis causes.


5 Comments for “Parasomnia”

  • Hayley says:

    This artist clearly has a vivd imagination and the sketchy style of this piece really adds to the haunting concept!! Love it.

  • Lucas says:

    This is an awesome interpretation of ‘Parasomnia’! The eerie sound effects compliment the artists use of shifting lines, giving the audience a sense of unease. Definitely looking forward to this artists future work! Amazing!

  • vivien hilton says:

    You really feel the terror of night time experiences. Well captured by this artist. I’m sure there must be more to come.

  • ralph says:

    Impressive animation and scary sounds and narration.

  • Jen says:

    Deeply terrifying. The screams and chokes are truly heartbreaking. I can feel the fear. Well done.

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