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Dallas’s Story

by Lucy Werrett

War does not stop when the last shot is fired. Its lasting effects are recounted through one woman's traumatic experience of WWII.


28 Comments for “Dallas’s Story”

  • Sid says:

    What an amazing animation, you could understand what is happening even with no sound.

  • Harry Barwood says:

    Really interesting concept! Really pleased to see such interesting new work coming through, keep it up!

  • tom stanley says:

    Great concept!

  • Melville David says:

    Poigniant, moving, simply told. The gestures speak for themselves. Heartbreaking.
    Hope we’ll see more of this quality.

  • Sylvana says:

    Very moving story, the animation says it all, the anguish, fear and sadness. Let s hope we see more work from this team !

  • Ian Cody says:

    Excellent, precise , to the point and poignant.

  • Peggy says:

    Normally, when stories are told, the content becomes separated from the affect. Individuals may tell stories from the old days, but they no longer have a connection to what they felt at the time. The ‘Dallas’s Story’ links precisely story and affect. It is very touching – very amazing animation!

  • Michael Widdop says:

    Very interesting, I would like to see more , just to follow their progression in this field of work!!
    Well done:-)

  • Demuth Catherine says:

    Bravo ! Les émotions sont parfaitement retransmises …. Du très beau travail !

  • Demuth Catherine says:

    Bravo ! Les émotions sont parfaitement retransmises ! Du très beau travail !

  • Charles says:


  • Steve and Andrea Prevett says:

    Beautiful animation, well done Sabrina. A lifetime story told in a few seconds – quite an achievement.

  • Rebecca Kenneally says:

    The animations and the voice over, really compliment each other. Truely touching! Such fantastic work.

  • Maisie sellick says:

    Amazing amazing story!! I loved it. So much talent

  • Cecile says:

    Story telling without the need of qny word

  • Catherine says:

    Beautiful animated film where drawings convey the emotion and the message to be transmitted around us.

  • Alex says:

    So shaked by the animation and the story of this woman, as if we did experience the same thing. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this

  • Anya Barltrop says:

    Absolutely insane!

  • Fauque says:

    super – très émouvant

  • Shirley says:

    A beautiful portrayal of a child’s fear and sense of helplessness. Brava, Sabrina!

  • carol et george says:

    Fabuleux, Bravo Sabrina, toutes les émotions sont dans les dessins

  • Dave and Anne-Marie says:

    Good film! We like the animation very much!

  • Dave and Anne-Marie says:

    Very good film! We like the animation.

  • Pascale Alaiwan says:

    très émouvant et efficace. Bravo !

  • Kévin ROBINI says:

    Short but very interesting and poignant Story,beautiful animation!

  • Mitchell Green says:

    Real eye-opening animation. Breathtaking imagery. Encourages you to empathise on a personal level with survivors of the war that stole many lives from the innocent.

  • Jo rockett says:

    Such a moving story! really felt as if I understood everything that was being told. Simple, effective and creative! Well done Luce

  • Jeff Harkman (77) says:

    So very true to my memory.

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