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The Fish and I

by Babak Habibifar, Iran

A blind man tries to save the life of his goldfish.


19 Comments for “The Fish and I”

  • Irina says:

    Thank you for your touching film! it’s wonderful!

  • Ehab Youssef says:

    v.good emotional film-great

  • Babak, How can we show this at our Film Brothers Festival of Shorts on Sat Few 24? Please email me?

  • Jim Jimenez says:

    How many goldfish did you kill to make this film? And how many blind people do you know who keep goldfish?

  • shukla basu says:

    The glass fish bowl broke… The blind man gropes around amongst the glass shards… And, not a trace of blood? Plausible?? Nah… Message is nice, but make the film a little more realistic, please…

  • aryaman says:

    what is the message, i dont get ?

  • Anonymous says:

    This film won at least 55 International short film awards if not more. The story touches the heart of humanity, a sense of belonging and connectedness. The desperation and effort to do anything for a loved one gets depicted here. Being a water damage restorer this short film reminds me of how we often sweat for small stuff and forget about simplicity, what really matters and humanity.

  • Djanira Araujo says:

    Ainda que não tenha sido apresentado o sangue como alguns queriam, a mensagem está nas subliminares… Somente os sensíveis podem compreender!!!

  • Djanira Araujo says:

    O que está publicado acima, está diferente do que realmente publiquei!


    Ainda que na mensagem não tenha surgido o sangue questionado, o que se tem nas subliminares fica por conta dos sensíveis!!!

  • Djanira Araujo says:

    Continua publicando errado!!! O texto é distorcido. Afffffff…

  • Mitra says:

    While watching it i was searching for the fish myself, i could feel the broken glass and even the fish kiss, i hold my breath, so happy , i coulf ferl the time limit, Gripping . Love is simple.❤️❤️❤️

  • Mitra says:

    From Iran, breath taking and emotional, mutual love , connection by heart , not eyes❤️❤️❤️

  • Manoj Kotak says:

    Excellent. Above all the film doesn’t look artificial at any stage.

  • Mohamed Singer says:

    Hello my name is Mohamed Singer
    I analyze short films
    I really liked your movie
    Will you allow me to analyze it on my own channel?

  • Dana says:

    I loved it. I used the movie in a retreat setting. The theme was God’s kindness as our natural habitat and perception. The scene where the guy tries to restore fish’s natural habitat is very moving, that’s how I see God in my life- trying to restore my natural habitat with God’s loving kindness every time I find myself out of it. The last scene with the hand and the fish is priceless.. that’s what this life is about -the encounter, intimacy, connectedness, being.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift in this way. Blessings

  • Mohamed Singer says:

    I used to imagine that plants grow at the end of the film around you

  • Anne Barham says:

    lovely film, my favourite very short film so far

  • Şaban Ok says:

    çok güzel ve duygusal bir kısa film… ama uzun film seyretmiş gibiyim.. teşekkürler.

  • Zaheer Ahmed says:

    Breath catching film. The few seconds seemed like an eternity. I was paying all the time for the blind man not to get a cut from the broken glass pieces on the floor and also for the tiny fish to get its share of air – to be saved. Thrilling experience indeed.

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