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by Alejandra M. Perrusquía, Mexico

In 1970, a mother and her children gather in their living room to practise an ancient ritual.

Main Award


17 Comments for “Vudú”

  • anon says:

    Solid narrative, brilliantly executed. Funny, too!

  • Laura says:

    Love this shortfilm, so funny, so inexpected, I was transported to the 70’s!!

  • Luz María Aguilar says:

    Kept me wondering how will it end, a suspense short film with unimaginable end, leaving a great smile behind

  • Luz María Aguilar says:

    Unexpected ending, at the beginning you think is a suspense horror story, and it turns out, fortunately, that the outcome is that you end laughing.,

  • Rodolfo Márquez says:

    Congratulations, I really like it because in México the soccer is almost a religion. It’s very well realized and funny too

  • Mariana says:

    Wow!!! A mix of mystery, wonderful colors, and mexican culture awesomly represented.

  • Marisol says:

    Great short film, amazing ending, wasn’t expecting that!! Amazing job 🙂

  • Ximena Talavera says:

    I have lived in Mexico and have watched many a soccer matches and the end still caught me by surprise. Stylization puts you right in the 70’s.

  • Michele Barron says:

    Excellent short. I loved the surprise ending and the scene setting was very well executed. Congratulations!

  • Juliana says:

    Loved it! Says so much in so little! I still believe Mexico will someday win a World Cup thanks to our ancient rituals! #Vudu

  • Mary Carmen Aparicio says:

    Many congratulations! I really liked this brilliant short film. It’s amazing how you made us pass from mistery to laughs and at the same time we were in the 70s. I loved the unexpected end. Well done!!

  • María Flores Fonseca says:

    Congrats! I enjoyed it so much! Its descriptive and funny too.

  • Sheila Guillén says:

    Congratularnos,a well-done project

  • Dolorea Rodriguez C says:


  • Dolorea Rodriguez C says:

    Está con muy buen mensaje!! Por q apesar del vudú El gana!!!!

  • Veronica Chacon says:

    Awesome! Excelent job!

  • Hernando says:

    Excelent short film. Good structure, iteresting story, suspense climax and like every good short tale, a knock out ending. Very well executed!!

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