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Help Me

by Natasha Staunton, UK

Exploring the thoughts, feelings and experiences of someone suffering from depression and mental health issues.

14 Comments for “Help Me”

  • Roni Spong says:

    Well done ..I feel this short film shows very clearly how people are affected.!!! Brilliantly portrayed!!

  • Sally Reid says:

    Simple, bold and clearly gives a message from those suffering from depression. Well done!

  • Stacey. D says:

    Well done Tasha. Very proud. This conveys some exact feeling that I myself have felt in the past xxx

  • Pierre says:

    Powerful story within a small time scale great anime well done

  • Izzy says:

    So proud of you, well done Tashy xxxx

  • leanne says:

    Very powerful,giving an understanding of how difficult life is for so many people struggling with this illness.

  • Ryan Pugh says:


  • Michelle B says:

    A brilliant portrayal of mental health issues exploring its many forms. Well done Tasha x

  • Michelle B says:

    A brilliant portrayal of mental health suffering, exploring its many forms. Well done Tasha x

  • Maria Spong says:

    Tasha has a clear view of a depressed person and has shown us the darkness of it, very well done.

  • Barbara Lowe says:

    Well done Tash, proud of you

  • Francesca Holden says:

    The short film send a powerful message to how people with mental health struggle every day! Well executed in a limited time. Well done Tasha.

  • Steve says:

    Having known someone dealing with mental health I thought that it was very well done

  • Veronica Spong says:

    Well done Tasha !!!
    The film shows very clearly how depression affects so many people!
    Even in such a short film it gets the message across! Brilliantly portrayed!
    So very proud of you! X

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