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by Lee Charlish, UK

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.

5 Comments for “Spider”

  • Dan says:

    A nice little animation with a simple but effective story. Great work!

  • Emma Clarke says:

    A great animation and story. Love the effects and slick production.

  • Louise Gale says:

    Although a short animation, this creative little masterpiece captures the audience right from the start. Very well put together and visually exciting. I’m scared of spiders even more, so if that was what the director wanted to accomplish, they’ve done the trick!

  • Alan Carlisle says:

    Another poignant little film from the Korky films stable, always entertaining and usually quite frightening. This one cashes in on humanities Inate and often irrational fear of the spider.

  • Deb Limey says:

    Hate spiders, especially the big ones that stab you in the head! Another great animation from Korky. I love the detail that goes into Korky films. So impressive how, in just 90 seconds, the scene is set, the story told and the imagination is left to run wild!

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