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Six Mothers

by Candice Vallantin, Spain

Six women from six different countries attempt to describe the ineffable.

The Royal Photographic Society Award 2019

14 Comments for “Six Mothers”

  • Catherine Merlin says:

    I could feel all the emotions that come with motherhood, from ecstasy to doubt, reaping our inside apart and at the same time the absolute ultimate experience anyone can have, The pictures, the sounds and the mothers talking all conveyed how multifaceted motherhood is. very well done I thought, since it brought me back to some 37 years ago, with my first son in my arms, in a minute.

  • Ja pace says:

    What a fascinating film … so much in so little … surreal exotic profound … something to be watched again again allowing ones imagination to be stimulated opening the portal for creativity … thank you for this … I feel somehow lighter

  • Angel says:


  • Julia says:

    Amazing – watched twice and felt my emotions evolving!

  • Maria says:

    This short film is just so honest and beautiful and intense, love it!

  • Jessica M says:

    Beautiful and powerfully visceral. This film captures and dignifies the transcendent experience of childbirth.

  • Matea says:

    In just over a minute this film manages the difficult task of capturing the contradictions of motherhood. From being so present and yet disappearing. From being ripped open and yet afloat like a cloud. I hope this gets translated into a feature one day because there seems to be so little on the subject.

  • Ana Cortés says:

    The images are incredibly beautiful and the testimonies gave me goosebumps…

  • corradi says:


  • Laura Cobbold says:

    I found this film deeply moving and stimulating despite its short duration. The use of visuals, dance and light was incredible, and the way these interacted with the voice over was very profound. It left me with lots of questions afterwards!

  • Edith says:

    How amazing of the visual image and the unique interpretation of childbrith and motherhood. As mother it reminds me how beautiful of that moment when my daughter was born.

  • Louvens Remy says:

    Great work Candice. I love how you were able to capture the emotional tone by keeping it super simple. Congrats on winning an award as well. You keep going!

  • Suraaj says:

    Thought Provoking.. and creatively shown.

  • Roberto Sommella says:

    very good

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