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How Isa stays happy in lockdown

by Luke Romo Hodges & Nick Davidson, United Arab Emirates

Isa explains how she continues to feel happy during lockdown.


8 Comments for “How Isa stays happy in lockdown”

  • Simon Hodges says:

    Evocative and powerful short piece and beautifully filmed

  • Ken White says:

    This is a beautifully filmed short that fills the viewer with joy.

  • Vix Willis says:

    Wow. Out of the mouths of babes… Caught some of the space in my head. And so beautifully shot with an accompanying soundtrack that nailed it.

  • Jill Lee says:

    Stunning images and sound, good balance of happiness and a tiny bit of sadness too.
    Left me wanting more …

  • Holly Bartley says:

    Ingenious filming and soundtrack, that gives you all these emotions and perceptions in just over a minute…

  • Ahmad Sow says:

    In a minute and a half this short film helps us realize that we don’t need to be out to experience joy. There’s also a great lesson to be learnt, the whole world that we need can be found in the confines of our homes.

  • Ralf Saade says:

    Powerful minute and a half! It really transcends all emotions beautifully and it allows us to think more afterwards. Does being confined enhance our creativity? maybe even giving us the opportunity to be happy when alone?

  • Emma says:

    Amazing work!

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