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Together | Fragmented

by Flora Martyr, United Kingdom

A short animated documentary exploring the changes faced amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic.


11 Comments for “Together | Fragmented”

  • Sue says:

    loved how ‘just’ normal people’s feelings have been captured in voice and imagery, really sums up lockdown. Good flow of imagery taking the viewer through the journey.

  • Mairi says:

    Great depiction of how it felt at the height of lockdown, so interesting to hear people’s different experiences.

  • Kate says:

    the animation is brilliant!

  • Jeni says:

    Great collage of responses to Covid19 life.

  • Wilf says:


  • Charlotte says:

    Hand washing is definitely a theme which will remain in all our memories and I like the feet theme and keeping our distance. Other LD experiences vary more but these 2 repeat and we all know them as they punctuate this fast moving clearly communicated docupic.

  • Neil says:


  • Emil says:

    Top animation, captures covid lockdown very well.

  • Chris says:

    I love how matter of fact and pedestrian people sound but at the same time strong and stalwart. It highlights that we have one more thing in common other than the weather! Also that, although we’re encouraged to isolate, how the need to communicate with others is more important than ever! Bravo Flora p.s. love the banjo

  • I love this, very very well done. I tried to do something similar in capturing peoples’ day-to-day experiences (you can see it at if you want!) but, hats off to you, this is much better! Really like it, hope it wins! Good luck!

  • Ben Fuller says:

    Fantastic piece of work, beautifully realistic and relevant to the times.

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