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A Walk Home

by Louise C Galizia, UK

Faye decides to walk home after a night out with friends...


38 Comments for “A Walk Home”

  • Sara Chia-Jewell & Mulleman says:

    Love this! Reminds us of Birdie by Shelly Lauman. Such a strong topic.

  • Congratulations to you all. Bravo dear Bahi. Xx

  • Gosh. A feeling all girls know too well. Whether it’s a night out or a trip to sainsburys at night, that walk home is stressful! Great short guys, well done!

  • Fatima says:

    So relatable and brilliantly put together. Wonderful direction and acting.

  • Susan says:

    Great film. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Jon says:

    Well done- great performance

  • Wendy Frazier says:

    Totally relatable, wonderful

  • Sara says:

    Brilliant! Recognise this feeling all too well

  • Lee walsh says:

    Brilliant work, highlighting a very important issue, very well done.

  • Louie says:

    Beautifully contemporary – stop reading this comment and watch now.

  • Beverley Evans Matthews says:

    Tense!! Know that feeling oh too well. Sadly.
    Great production all round!

  • Charley says:

    Brilliant & powerful!
    Most women can relate to this.
    So well done.

  • Claudia says:

    So powerful, who hasn’t been there before???

  • Catherine Rubaine says:

    Brilliant, a very real subject matter

  • Petia says:

    OMG how many times I hold the keys like a weapon. Thank good I never needed to see if that actually works.

  • Sophie says:

    Gosh, so true, have done all of these things. Keys in hand, the lot. Heading back home at the moment-rings all the bells hate it

  • Lisa says:

    Really gripping. Well done!

  • Ione says:

    Brilliant! Good luck

  • Kate says:

    Realistically enacted and so tense to watch, wondering what I’d do if in her shoes. Sadly I’ve felt the same fear many times, as I’m sure most women have too. A powerful portrayal, well done.

  • This!! What an amazing film that sums up exactly what it’s like to be a woman alone at night.

  • Pam says:

    This is so Well captured and sadly very true. As a woman, I have truely felt like this more than several times and sadly I’m sure my daughter will also go through this.

  • Fran Goggins says:

    Wow this resonates so much with anyone woman who walks home. Everyone scares the life out you.
    The relief when she reaches home phew !!!! The tension was palatable.

  • Melanie Ellison says:

    So relatable – all ending in that adrenaline rush trying to get your keys into the damn door!

  • Leila says:

    My heart was beating, my breath changed matching hers. How scary, how normal.

  • Highlights the way most women feel. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Great filming !

  • It should not be like this, but it is. Most people, especially males, are in denial about this fear. Unfortunately, the fear is rational.

  • Ingrid Sciberras says:

    Great Filming ! Reality at its best !

  • Ruth Renling says:

    Well Done.
    Great filming.
    Everyone should watch this. Awarness How women feel walking home Alone.

  • Kate says:

    Experienced all too often that its normalised and hasn’t been challengedfor years. But yes we should challenge it! Why should we be afraid to walk our streets in the dark.

  • Roseanne Maile says:

    Brilliant! Flawless! No cliches! Style simply goes to the emotion…

  • Catherine says:

    Wow. This video is short but powerful. We shouldn’t have to leave in a society where we feel like that on a short walk home. But unfortunately it is the world we live in. The lacing the keys through your fingers, I always do that!

  • Bex Tindle says:

    Love this! I was there the whole time, my stress response kicked off and I was in the movie myself. Really well shot and great acting as well. I was totally convinced and with the protagonist the whole time.

    How many times have I felt like this? I have a family now and don’t go out so much but am still determined that I should walk if I feel like it and this feeling never disappears. It doesn’t take much to trigger the stress response, a shadow or an unexpected sound is all it takes. It’s such a shame and so unfair that we should feel like this.

  • Anouska Torrance says:

    So gripping & amazingly edited!

  • Melodie King says:

    Brilliant and amazingly edited

  • Frankie Zambra says:

    Couldn’t be more relevant right now. Beautiful work.

  • Kaz Hollowell says:

    an incendiary piece, perfectly edited to capture every woman’s nightmare feeling, just walking home. Want to see more.

  • Kristi Corcione says:

    Well done….and scary! Good luck, Tatjana and Louise!

  • Carmen Jenness says:

    What woman can’t relate? Very well done!

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