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It’s Nothing

by Rebecca King, Lian Meng Rose, UK

Two women, one deaf, one hearing, have a brief exchange.

57 Comments for “It’s Nothing”

  • Sara Chia-Jewell & Mulletman says:

    Don’t see enough of these stories!

  • Constance Nash says:

    Such a lot expressed in such a short time. Beautiful acting from both protagonists.

  • AMAF GARDNER says:

    Made me think how much we’ve realised what we take for granted and how an off-the-cuff remark can have a lot of impact.

  • Annemeel says:

    Makes me wonder how it contunues. Very good!

  • Such a visually pleasing piece and so well made, congratulations to the whole team!

  • Hedi Ouardani says:

    Packs a punch!
    Brilliant work!

  • Raghad Chaar says:

    Beautiful, important and heartbreaking daily moments in life that are never caught but always remembered.

  • Bethany says:

    A multitude of thoughts from one minute. Thank you

  • Jill King says:

    A poignant short piece of drama which makes you think how much we take for granted. Beautifully portrayed.

  • Maria Victoria O'Hana says:

    Really poignant and beautifully shot! Invisible Disabilities have so often been disregarded in calls to diversify film and media – this kind of content and representation is so crucial. Well done!

  • Lucile Pannetier says:

    In every small moment we live, we can strive to be better, even if we don’t realise it. So much to value in such a short piece. Beautifully shot.

  • JOwens says:

    Super short but super packed: visual, emotional, insightful and original.

  • Ashley killen says:

    Really makes you think about how our small actions can effect others

  • LibbyMcMillan says:

    Very impactful … was surprised to have felt so many emotions in such a short timeframe:
    surprise, happiness, hope, relief, disappointment, sadness and fear.


  • Lis johnstone says:

    What a powerful wee film. It’s absolutely on topic, beautifully crafted and the message is so important- the whole thing is worthy of more exposure.
    Can you imagine if the English Government saw this before they decided to conduct the daily Covid briefings without sign language translation? I’m sure they’d have changed their minds and conducted daily briefings with a sign interpreter !!
    I currently live in Scotland where we had a sign interpreter present throughout. That one act of inclusion changed the debate enormously because it places everyone at the same level in terms of information and therefore knowledge.
    Great film team! More if this please!

  • Nina Yndis says:

    Important piece of storytelling. Congratulations!

  • Ariane M says:

    This is such a thoughtful and impactful short. It has certainly made me reflect on the strong underlying assumptions that govern our daily casual interactions.

  • Eve Niker says:

    This is amazing! Making you realise new things from new perspectives:) big love x

  • John King says:

    The brief but too close exchange on the stair, the communication left unshared, the rush of modern living, the worried parent. A film to make us all take the time.

  • Shu Meng says:

    Thought provoking.

  • Andrew Briggs says:

    Amazing! Really makes you think and put things in to perspective. So much to think about in such a short space of time.

  • Jimmy Light says:

    Wowza. Feeling disorientated. That sure packs a punch.

  • Ant Joblin says:

    A really powerful and beautifully created reminder of perspectives and casual interactions. Refreshing to see a a visual piece that focuses on nuance and subtly. Congratulations to the whole team!

  • Sandra Hoopmann says:

    That’s my experience most of my life. I often feel frustrated by those those simple words: “It’s nothing!” I make a point of running after the person and ask him/her to repeat the words, explaining I’m Deaf (no apologising) and am interested in what he/she has to say. To family members who say “It’s nothing!”, I certainly won’t let that slide. That simple response is rude and offensive. Therefore, this short film packs a powerful punch. Sending a clear message NOT to say those words to any deaf person or to anyone having a language problem. Be kind and repeat in a way we understand. In any form,clear communication is important.

  • Manjeet Cross says:

    Short but powerful. It nothing & doesn’t matter is a big deal to the deaf community.

    Women mention about the virus which is life or death matter. Her view to this women, you aren’t that important.

  • Sophie Compton says:

    Wow, how something so short can pack such a punch

  • Katharine Farmer says:

    Moving and thought-provoking. More people should see this and realise it shouldn’t be nothing.

  • Millie Turner says:

    Not only is this a valuable piece of storytelling, but it is beautifully acted and well put together. Congrats to all involved. Can’t wait to see more storytelling like this!

  • Kitty Gardner says:

    Fantastic writing, acting and directing. Thank you for drawing attention to this hugely important issue.

  • Henry Garrett says:

    This was incredible. So subtle but powerful.

  • Jessica Sterling says:

    Wonderfully thought provoking & Emotive! Well done to all x

  • Helen savage says:

    So simple but powerful. Excellent acting

  • Julian Ranetunge says:

    a really powerful short story that has left me moved all day, can’t stop thinking about it for all the right reasons. well done to the whole team!

  • Jane Frisby says:

    What gorgeous filmmaking! beautifully performed and in the subtle moments we often overlook and unfairly assume of one another, this short brings light to brief moments that really can offer a true impact on someone. thank you for making this x

  • Debra Guo says:

    Love this! Cannot take for granted each other – even more in these times. Your film does wonders!!

  • Suzi Stanley says:

    Beautiful snapshot of a powerful moment in time. Would like to see more!

  • Wei Rose says:

    Wow, what a beautiful short film! What an amazing space too!

  • Hannah V says:

    Such a poignant and thought-provoking film – it may have only been 90 seconds but will be thinking about it all day – it beautifully observes and captures the profundity of those small seemingly insignificant exchanges.

  • Kate Tulloch says:

    Wow! So beautiful, really hits how differently This pandemic has been experienced by everyone and how an already inaccessible society became even scarier for so many. Also the little lies we tell to each other to feel safe. So thought provoking, gorgeously shot and acted!

  • Giulio says:

    90 golden seconds!
    Lovely work.

  • Chris says:

    So good!

  • Edward says:


  • Kiran L says:

    Wow. It’s amazing how much you can say in so little time. Excellent short, excellently shot, excellently acted, excellently directed. Well done. Excited to see more from these two!

  • Shez says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Anthony says:

    A thinker – one that has stuck in the mind. Touching

  • Gabriel says:

    A beautiful short!

  • Kieran says:

    What a beautiful short depiction of a very real moment for so many people. Thank you, let’s not forget how many deaf and partially impaired go through this everyday

  • Chess Tomlinson says:

    A fantastic short piece that tells a story with character, context and beautiful visuals ! Xx

  • Laura Wooff says:

    Captured a significant moment for many people. Beautifully shot and sincere in performance. It inspires so many thoughts and questions for such a short piece. Love this little film.

  • S Reeken says:

    Short & powerful, drawing attention to an important issue: communication and limitations! Well done all

  • Alex B says:

    This is so so good, the sound as a storytelling device is doing such good work too!

  • Johnny says:

    Wow this is my favourite! I watched it on loop this morning to pick up all the subtleties. vital to bring up this subject matter whilst not lecturing and doing it through the lens of great storytelling! amazing job to all the team

  • Imogen says:

    Brilliant film! Thinking about this all of lunchtime and far beyond – so much in the unspoken that we too often take for granted that affects others

  • X Rose says:

    Love how this captures a quiet, commonplace interaction at a moment which turns out to be anything but normal

  • Aryajnana says:

    Beautifully and simply profound

  • Mia Hutchinson -Shaw says:

    Beautiful, visually and emotionally.

  • Raphael Nash says:

    What a great piece of film! Incredibly powerful and fantastic acting as well!

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