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Tim The Bastard

by Oliver Gabe, Wales

A mad old bastard recalls the wild rumours that surround his name.

British Award 2021


9 Comments for “Tim The Bastard”

  • Sara Chia-Jewell & Mulletman says:

    Poor Bastard. Congrats!

  • Charles says:

    So true to life. Memories of a man who would have liked to have been different

  • Anne says:

    Thought provoking. Well done !

  • Laus says:

    Bloody brilliant! What an incredible film.

  • Ash says:

    Tim The Bastard is an excellent portrayal of the effects of social abandonment. Bravo!

  • Colum says:

    We have all peeked through his window and run. Brilliant portrayal

  • Ffi says:

    loved this use of super8. Poignant and eloquent script.

  • Jordan says:

    Every kid has a local “Tim the Bastard” growing up. Mine was the Wolfman in the Tips. First time I’ve seen this local phenomenon brought to light. Awesome idea and brilliant execution.

  • Dave Bell says:

    An interesting exploration of the disconnect in society. Usually a portrait for the viewer looking in and here we see the opposite. The internal
    View from the portrait. The loner, alone not by choice. Quality

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