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by Emelye Moulton, UK

The day-to-day experiences of a police officer.

Depict Audience Award


36 Comments for “Blue”

  • Clare says:


  • Helen says:

    Loved this- wanted to see more

  • Martyn says:


  • Sheila says:

    Oscar nomination best Factumentary…Blue.. excellent work.

  • Amanda Wilson says:

    I really got a sense of how emotionally draining being a Police Officer can be, yet at the same time could see how supportive of one another the Police Officers were. Beautifully acted in a very understated way . Wanted to see more.

  • Michael says:

    Although it was Short I felt I got a good insight in to a police officers life on a day to day basis

  • Catherine says:

    It made me smile and made me sad- all the feels

  • Danielle says:

    Brilliant loved the acting !!

  • Sue Welburn says:

    Beautifully acted. Felt honest and real. Our police are hero’s. Thank you x x

  • Brilliant. Wanted to see more x

  • Nic says:

    A fabulous short and a perfect example of ‘show, don’t tell’ filmmaking.

  • Debbie says:

    This film beautifully captures the rhythmic turbulent and varied life of the police. Showing the light and the shade and also the unspoken, leaving me wanting to know more… well done

  • Sally says:

    Whistle stop tour of events and emotions throughout a day showing how adaptable our police officers need to be. Very understated and definitely left me wanting to see more. Well done !!

  • Michelle says:

    Very good…. Felt emotional at the end as this sadly is what police deal with and the emotional and mental stress is real

  • Lilymay says:

    Captured what police officers have to go through, left me wanting to know more. Loved the acting!

  • Taylor says:

    Very well acted and it completely captures how being part of the police force isn’t as exciting as many people see it as being

  • Sundeep Toor says:

    Wanted to see more of this! Can easily see it being developed into something longer.

  • Sarah says:

    So much conveyed in such a short time – superb film.

  • Dan says:

    Female officer steals the show!

  • Adaeze says:

    My favorite of the bunch!! This is very well done!

  • Craig says:

    Love this!! It has such an impact in such a short space of time. Very well done.

  • Jack says:

    What a perfect piece. I am sure I saw a longer version with an older lady with dementia. I miss her lost charm.

  • Rachel says:


  • Imogen Eccleston says:

    What amazing actors showing all emotions in all situations, true to life

  • Elaine says:

    Good watch – liked the realness to it.

  • Charli says:

    This has left me wanting more! Although a short film, it has really captured how complex the work of a police officer is. The light moments make the harder moments even more real.
    Simple but clever!

  • Jemma says:

    Really loved this! Wanted to see more!!! Amazing

  • Rachel says:

    Fantastic well done!

  • Amy says:

    Captivating short film depicting the the challenges police officers face both physically and emotionally. Great title, shot very well and brilliant acting. A triumph!

  • Sophie says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Lisa Daintry says:

    Loved this very real and told the various incidents in a police officer life could watch as drama series well done xx

  • Nigel Wilson says:

    Really felt the emotion in this short film. The emotional ups and downs of the police officers were portrayed very sensitively . The female actor police officer was very strong and I was immersed in her character. The ping of the microwave at the end , summed up her day . Well done

  • Marion Tovey says:

    Excellent short film. Very well shot and acted – could see this as a new police drama series.

  • Mollie Winnard says:

    FANTASTIC. Great acting, great writing and great short. Gets a great message/ feel across and shows everything whilst being to the point too. And the lead girl is

  • Mollie Winnard says:

    My comment half posted… it misted show emojis. I said the lead girl is fire emoji x 3 . So good.

  • Colin Blumenau says:

    What a great short. Lovely performance, concise writing and accurate direction. Left me wanting to know much more about her life.

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