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2021 winning shorts available to book – free of charge

Each year, Watershed invites exhibitors (cinemas, festivals, community cinemas, pop-ups, etc…) to showcase the Depict winning shorts free of charge across the UK (and beyond on request) following their big screen premiere in September at Encounters Film Festival in Bristol.

Photo of cinema goers in their seats prior to a cinema screening

  • The winning films are available either on DCP or MP4 and are all BBFC certificated
  • You can screen them either in front of a feature film run or as you see fit
  • We provide you with high quality images and text to help promote your screening
  • We ask you to let audiences know that the 2022 DepicT! call for entries will open on and in the new year. Deadline for entries: 13 June 2022

Select a film or films from this years winners and then:

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Depict 2021 Winners details

The Main Depict Award:

Wake Up (12A)
Tiago Teixeira
Running time: 1 minute 16secs
A boy gets ready for a good night of sleep, but something terrible lurks under the bed.

Depict British Award:

Tim The Bastard (12A)
Oliver Gabe
British Award 2021
Running time: 1 minute 47secs
A mad old bastard recalls the wild rumours that surround his name.

Depict Random Acts Award:

Here Comes the Wildfire! (U)
Edd Carr
Running time: 1 minute 23secs
An experimental animation exploring climate crisis, wildfires, and trauma.

Depict Royal Photographic Society Cinematography Award:

Leo (PG)
Moein Rooholamini
Running time: 1 minute 17secs
Under special circumstances, Khalid has a duty to report to his brother.

Depict IMDbPro Audience Award:

Stacy (U)
Efim Bakaev
IMDbPro Audience Award 2021
Running time: 1 minute 22secs
Fashion film about life during a quarantine.

Plus a trio of animations that picked up a special mention Aardman Academy

Sensory (15)
Alicia Frøy D A Johnsen
Running time: 1 minute 44secs
It is about sensory memories, and the way your body can remember what your mind doesn’t want to.

They Remain (PG)
Barnaby Duffy
Running time: 1 minute 47secs
A woman’s walk home is tainted by the gentle ghosts that drift through the streets.

Cycling with Molly (U)
Sara Chia-Jewell, Mulletman
Running time: 1 minute 47secs
There’s no stopping where a bike can take you.

From the back catalogue

For those of you that organise short film nights, note that more films from the Depict back catalogue are also available on request.

We also regularly create tailor-made selections from the archive for festivals.

Dig into the archive and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a specific request or query